Hatton Enterprise Solutions

Hatton's Partner

January 24, 2020


We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with UpCloud.

UpCloud is a cloud server that offers cost-effective and high-performance cloud computing from its eight global data centres locations in Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London, San Jose, and Singapore.

UpCloud has been rapidly growing since its start back in 2011 and impressively it has been recognized as the performance leader in the infrastructure space in 2016 and again in 2018 by market research company CloudSpectator

What this association means for our costumers ?

As well as providing the consultancy service and professional service for cloud architecture and cloud design, now with Upcloud partnership we can also provide the cloud space platform.

This union not only expand our work to an exclusive end to end service but boost our proficiency and spread our shared knowledge to unlimited ends.