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A Time for Action

April 08, 2020

Hatton & UpCloud


“An obstacle is often a stepping stone.” Prescott Bush

Most contemporary organizations have onset adopting digital infrastructure to support their businesses. With the commencement of restrictions COVID-19 has brought, more companies are recognizing the undeniable value that cloud delivers.

Possibly the most incredible thing about cloud technologies is the flexible options they provide; even more now in this time of crisis, when companies need solutions to reduce the outage on their operations during this difficulty. An ample, never-ending network of cloud-based systems enabled organisations to stay up and running throughout this pandemic. The sudden shift to remote work and socialization also wouldn’t be possible without software solutions that enable rapid, secure and consistent deployment of application environments.

AWS and Google cloud have all suffered high profile incidents in the past, with AWS services being interrupt by a DDoS attacks and GCP facing issues with their infrastructure component that have impacted multiple products. Azure has also struggled with a string of well documented outages.

The sudden increase in home working as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic means pressure on some cloud servers as most personnel must work from home. The capacity in the UK regions was showing signs of stress even before the current crisis, so it is not surprising that issues are occurring now.

It is a reminder that even the best resourced companies are not immune to development and infrastructure disruptions.

Here at Hatton, we analyse all these issues and use every circumstance to learn and improve our services. “Clarity in the cloud” has been our long-standing slogan, hence our priority is to always look for solutions to meet a need and to ensure the smoothest experience in the cloud and fast performance possible.

Early this year, we proudly announced our partnership with UpCloud. As well as providing the consultancy and professional cloud architecture and cloud design services, we are also able to offer cloud space.

All cloud servers are deployed on enterprise-grade hardware. With UpCloud’s in house developed software and proprietary MaxIOPS storage technology, we can ensure an industry-leading performance at all times.

See why UpCloud provides an enhanced cloud platform. Click here

It is a favorable opportunity for us to take action and ensure an innovative and improved service to our current and potential customers.