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AWS / Azure Migrations

60% of workloads will be running in the cloud by the end of 2020. Are you ready?

AWS and Azure are cloud services platform, that provide services in different domains such as compute, storage, delivery and other functionality which help the business to scale and grow.

Our group of experts can asses what will be the best cloud provider for your business use cases, and how to make an intelligent, tactical investment in the cloud to meet your specific outcomes.

Azure ExpressRoute to Office 365

Azure ExpressRoute

Azure ExpressRoute is used with Office 365. We can plan the network implementation project that will be required if you are deploying Azure ExpressRoute for use with Office 365.

Infrastructure and platform services running in Azure will often benefit by addressing network architecture and performance considerations. We recommend ExpressRoute for Azure in these cases.

Software as a Service offerings like Office 365 and Dynamics 365 have been built to be accessed securely and reliably via the Internet.


  • Determine workload requirements & TCO
  • Server workload migrations (database, web, application)
  • Highly scalable, high-availability compute environment
  • IaaS (Lift & Shift) / PaaS