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Thuwanna Thingi Mogok Yeiktha-London

Secure conferencing software solution deployed on a VPS.

Thuwanna Thingi Mogok Yeiktha-London

Client: London based charity (Thuwanna Thingi Mogok Yeiktha-London’s Facebook Page)

Having a common acquaintance with the charity, Hatton Enterprise Solutions has decided to reach out and get feedback about the current conferencing solution in use. We learned that the customer was using Zoom and that it had a few shortcomings:

  • 40 minutes time limit on free plan
  • no native way to live stream the meeting on YouTube

The charity is already taking advantage of Facebook live streaming but they would like to expand their reach and provide their followers the opportunity to also watch the live streams on YouTube.

Our consultants have carefully evaluated the requirements and put together a secure, flexible solution, to meet the needs. We recommended an open-source conference software, deployed on VPS (virtual private server) under the full control of the client.

Hatton Enterprise Solutions has installed and configured Jitsi Videobridge on a VPS provided via our Web Hosting Portal. The client has configured the DNS records for their .co.uk domain (which they already owned) and Hatton Enterprise Solutions has assisted in providing free of charge SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt to secure the network traffic.

Below is the landing page for their very own video conferencing bridge:

Thuwanna Thingi Mogok Yeiktha-London - Jitsi Videobridge

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